Poor Fred

Poor Fred Thompson. Seems he thinks that Fox News is against him. But, it brings up a complaint I’ve had from the beginning. Why does the media get to choose the top tier candidates – even before the debates began. In fact, Fred was listed as a top tier candidate before he was even in the race. The last people I want selecting candidates is the media.

Anyone that has researched or watched the Republican debates know that the most interesting and creative positions have been from the so called second tier. Check the passion of Tom Tancredo on illegal immigration, the foreign policy knowledge of Alan Keyes, the support that Duncan Hunter shows for the military, the social values of Sam Brownback. Put them together to get Mike Huckabee.

Meanwhile, ‘top tier’ Romney spends millions in Iowa to be only 4 points ahead of Mike Huckabee (who only recently produced his first commercial). The reason is the citizens get to pick the top tier. And the media should learn that.

Oh, yeah. Don’t worry Fred – Huckabee got creamed on Bill O’Reilly. To me, the Fair and Balanced network has picked the Mayor.

Poor Fred Link


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