The Perfect Candidate

Don’t get excited. There’s not one. Except for mine, there’s not a perfect spouse. Not a perfect child. Not a perfect teacher, preacher, neighbor, friend, job, and on and on and on (as my almost perfect boss liked to say). Stop trying to find the perfect candidate. Instead identify the qualities that are important to you.

A solid candidate to me is one whose judgement I can trust. Romney sponsored socialized medicine in Massachusetts, Giuliani has 3 marriages, Clinton tolerates her husbands indiscretion clearly for political reasons. All have held positions that support abortion rights. If they are incapable of making the right decision on this one issue, why should I trust their judgement on any other issue.

Mike Huckabee is the reliable candidate.  He has never wavered on this position.  But, no politician is without flaw.  A candidate will never satisfy all of the people or sometimes even most of the people (see George Bush, 43).  But, I know that before making a decision he will consider it’s impact on the value of life.

Ask yourself, if you had to pick, which candidate would I let watch my kids?


One Response to The Perfect Candidate

  1. Kathy says:

    I agree wholly with your post. Welcome to Michigan and welcome to the Huckabee blogging.

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