O’Reilly Radio

Fortunately, I only had a few minutes to listen to the rationalization from O’Reilly today. It’s only Iowa, ‘how many people are going to vote – in the hundreds?’ The county Republican officials really have the say in the outcome . . .

Then he went on to say that the only reason the liberal media like Huckabee is because they ‘know’ that Hillary will cream him in a general election.

I am very slow to anger. But, I do get fed up. I’m tired of being told I’m a bigot for only supporting Huckabee because the real conservative candidate is a Mormon. If I was voting based on religion, Brownback would have been my choice (and it was a difficult decision).

Now to find out, I’ve been duped into supporting Huckabee as a ploy by the liberal media (which I don’t watch). Oh yeah I did watch Rather embarrass himself with the National Guard story. But that was really due to my morbid sense of humor.

Is it possible that people trust Mike Huckabee to represent them? Is it possible that the trust is based on Huckabee’s core values? Is it possible, that Huckabee’s core values make him a likable person? Is it possible that the people are capable of making their own decisions (without Fox News or any other media deciding who can win)?

I think all the answers are Yes.

So, in the spirit of CNN vetting, why won’t Bill O’Reilly admit he is supporting Rudy Giuliani?


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