Southern California Fell into the Ocean and nobody noticed

Anybody affected by the Hollywood Strike? Not me. There is very little that my family gets from TV anymore. I do watch the news to see the Huckabee segments. My son likes an occasional ‘Dirty Jobs‘ (which no professional writer would claim). I like NFL football and thankfully, the Pope gave special dispensation to LSU. I couldn’t tell you the last TV show I watched on the major networks. Couldn’t care less.

I do feel sorry for their families – especially during Christmas. There aren’t many programs that we could take the chance of watching with our kids. Why is it necessary to force the garbage they write down our throats? My kids LOVE watching the Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, I Love Lucy, and on and on and on.

Clever shows can still be written that aren’t filled with smut and innuendo – so you can watch it with your Grandma and not blush.

Real People still want the old shows. This is why Huckabee is gaining in popularity. You know where he stands and that his behavior won’t be an embarrassment. He represents US.


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