I’m sick of it

I’m sick of the media telling me I’m supporting a weak candidate.  I’m sick of the media telling me, my candidate doesn’t know foreign policy.  I’m sick of the media telling me my candidate isn’t a conservative.

Among the important issues to me are:

1. Taxes – Mike Huckabee has pledged no new taxes.  In fact, Mike Huckabee has promised to support the FairTax and do away with the IRS.  Will it be easy to accomplish?  I doubt it.  But, it is a ‘new’ perspective that will change how we do things now.  I can’t stand April.

2. Foreign Policy – Who cares what the UN thinks?  All they do is complain about Iraq and do NOTHING about Darfur.  George W Bush has spent the most money on AIDS research.  That somehow isn’t enough and America is evil.

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON – the SUPREME COURT.  The Judicial Branch is designed to tell us what the law is not what they want it to be (I probably stole that definition from somewhere).  Mike Huckabee’s morals are a close match to mine.  He will select Judges that match.

Ignore CNN, ABC, NYT, CBS, NBC, and even Fox.  Vote for a man of conscience.


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