Huckabee and Homeschooling

There are other candidates that represent my positions – Tancredo, Hunter, Brownback, Keyes.  But, Mike Huckabee speaks to me.  I really feel like I can trust what he says.  I don’t agree with all of his positions.  But, he doesn’t back away from them – sort of like GW Bush.

I also trust that he will not force me to teach my children about more liberal views.  And because of that, he has earned our loyal support – and the support of other homeschooling families (DesMoines Register article).

In the YouTube Debate, he was asked if he would accept the support of the Log Cabin Republicans.  His answer was yes – he wants to represent all people.  But, not to expect him to change his principles.   

And that’s why he gets our support.


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