Why Huckabee will WIN

Mad (sic) Drudge says the DNC thinks Huckabee is easy pickings.  He says that they are going light on them.  And maybe they are.  But so what.  This is the same organization that thought beating GWB in 2000 and 2004 were slam dunks.

The reason it won’t be a slam dunk is Huckabee’s views match mine (Pinkerton Article).  I don’t mean to sound conceited.  Maybe I am.  But, I really believe that most of my views match my neighbors views.  And my neighbor’s views match our mailman’s views.  And our mailman’s views match his doctor’s views.  And his doctor’s views match his daughter’s teacher’s views. And And And.  Get it?  Mike Huckabee REALLY represents middle America.  And although I don’t agree with everything he says – most of it is really close to me.

So, who cares what the DNC thinks.  If Mike Huckabee manages to pull off the Repbulican nomination, the base will continue to coalesce.  AND, as Mike Huckabee swirls around Hillary in the debates, independent Democrats will move right.  AND, major Foreign Policy leaders will line up behind Huck.  AND, there will be another close election that leave Howard Dean scratching his head, wondering, “How did we lose to that hillbilly?”

Because that hillbilly is ME!

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