Wisconsin Renaming the Christmas Tree

My wife told me about the story in Wisconsin.  Seems that there is a debate about what to call the tree that stands in the state capitol building.  One person wants to call it a Holiday tree.  One person wants to call it the Christmas tree.  Of course, someone raised the ‘separation of church and state’ argument.  “What,” the supporter questions?  ‘It’s just a christmas tree’ (lower case ‘c’ for emphasis).

No exclaims the defender of freedom, “It’s Christ’s Mass.  It’s right in the word.”  “What??” the confused supporter asks again?  “It’s just a tree.”

HERE’S my proposal.  I’ve given this a lot of thought.  One might say that I’ve had divine inspiration.  I propose that from this day forth the tree be called the. . .


It is only fitting.  A glorious name for a glorious tree.  It represents centuries old history, of a people that struggled to reach the promise land.

What’s best is no one can argue the appropriateness without being branded a bigoted racist.  After all, aren’t the Mexicans entitled to be here illegally?

Oh, did you think I meant Jesus?

I guess I really did.  Merry Christmas.


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