Mike Huckabee Has Gravitas

I  can remember the fun that Rush Limbaugh had when the media started using the word gravitas.  It means to behave with great dignity.

I read this article that calls Huckabee the ‘none of the above‘ candidate.  It’s a little like voting ‘Anybody but Hillary.’  The article is not particularly unflattering or unfair to Mike.  But, it is a little unflattering to me.  I’m not supporting Mike because he’s not:

Hillary – can’t be pinned down on issues, has never lead a business or government, etc

Giuliani –  social views don’t match mine (but I know where he stands on them

Romney – changed his mind one to many times.

I support Mike because he has a position that aligns with my views.  He’s not a perfect match.   But he isn’t going to compromise his values to satisfy a particular group or political deal.

Does Mike Huckabee have gravitas?  Anyone that speaks in defense of the truly defenseless – yes I’m speaking of abortion again – without offending, understands dignity.  Any Republican that can move legislation in a Democrat state understands treating people with respect.  You do that by being confident in your convictions, listening to opposing views, explaining your views in terms that are not confrontational, and never waivering.

I never stopped being amazed that Bill Clinton is loved by as many people.  Who in his right mind would like to know that his son behaved as Clinton has.  Treating is wife with so little regard throughout his entire marriage.

Although Mike is not perfect, I can say, that if my son turned out like Mike, I could be proud.  That’s because he has Gravitas.


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