Change the definition: Pro-Choice and respecting Life

I think one of the major cultural challenges for the United States is that we no longer take responsibility for our actions.  As a kid, I had better behave.  Because, somehow, my mother managed to know someone who saw me.  “What were you doing at ___ (fill in the blank)?”  It didn’t take many times to realize that she was probably going to find out when I was up to no good.  And I would pay for it.

But, now, we apologize for everything.  He grew up with no dad, they were poor, his mom was an alcoholic, etc.

So, why should we expect anyone to take responsibility for getting pregnant.  Sure, it is possible that some children get pregnant without realizing ‘how’ it happened.  But, most pregnant women (and expecting fathers) know how it happens.

I can’t tell you how many times my dad warned me – If you get someone pregnant, you’re going to pay!  Guess what, I didn’t.

So, let’s become responsible for our actions.  And lets change the definition – Being Pro-Choice should be about accepting responsibility for our actions – sex can lead to pregnancy (and often does when you don’t want it to).  Choose Sex and live with the consequence.
Respecting Life is why Mike Huckabee should be #44.


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