Has Huckabee undone himself?

I hope not.  I still believe that his values represent mine.  He’s not my perfect candidate.  But, when he speaks, I believe him.

He has made two tactical errors that hopefully don’t cost him Iowa.  First was the Satan and Jesus are brothers comment that was taken as a slash against Mormons.  Despite having stated many times that he doesn’t question anyone else’s faith, this innocent question raises doubts.  A presidential candidate has to be extremely cautious not to be drawn into making compromising statements – even if meant to be harmless.

Second, was his frontal attack on Bush’s handling of the war.  One of the reasons I support Huckabee is that he holds steadfast to his positions.  It’s also a reason I still support GW Bush.  He firmly believes in his approach to the war and won’t budge from his belief.  I think the war could have been handled better.  But, I still support W.  And, despite what the polls say, so do many other people (who are mostly republican).

Here’s to hope that Huckabee manages to pull it out.  I still support him.  But, it is the undecideds that we still need.


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