Stay On Message

I just watched a replay of Mike’s speech in Indianola at Signatures Grill. And he was on message. He understands issues facing middle America. That kids need to be educated. That we don’t mind paying taxes if we get the benefit from them – better roads, schools, services – but are not oppressive and prevent growth.  That we don’t want to punish those who earn more.  I am on the edge of a 6 figure income.  I worked hard to get there.  I know I make a good living, but, I don’t feel like I’m one of the wealthiest Americans.  Why should I work so hard if you are going to take it from me?

So, remind your friends that Mike is the candidate that doesn’t attack his opponents with 1/2 truths. He has solid principles and doesn’t run from his religion.

If you haven’t donated, go to Mike’s Website to help Mike make one more push before the Iowa Caucus.


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