Hey Did you know Huckabee won Iowa?

Yes, I was on vacation.  Yes I heard about it too.  I was at Paw-in-Law’s house the night of the caucus.  Maw-in-law shut off the TV so she could visit with my wife and kids.  I kept sneaking out to the suburban to listen to XM radio to get the updates.

There is a lot of Ronald Regan in the way Huckabee communicates.  I feel like I can trust him and I feel comfortable when he speaks.  Provided McCain doesn’t get such a huge bounce he wins Michigan and begins the steam roll,  I like Mike’s chances of taking on Giuliani in the big states.

Let’s keep it going.


One Response to Hey Did you know Huckabee won Iowa?

  1. Chris says:

    It has been confirmed within the last hour that Gov. Huckabee will be visiting Michigan this weekend. He will be speaking at the Detroit Economic Club on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 12:00 noon. He will then be touring the state on Friday and Saturday. His schedule will be posted later tonight and will be updated as events are added and confirmed.

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