Easily Annoyed

I rarely read articles with headlines like this.

I think it represents one of the major problems in our society.  We make excuses for behaviors.

Anyone working in industry today has had to participate in a Root Cause Analysis.  Fog does not cause accidents.  A behavior caused the accident.  People drive to fast for poor road conditions – it can be weather, volume of traffic, speed of traffic, condition of the road, etc.  I’ve been guilty of this – fortunately no accidents.

How many times have we heard excuses like he had a bad home life, the drugs made him do it, etc.

Don’t accept these statements – relate them to personal behaviors.

I know people that overcame bad home life and drugs.  One friend was passed from foster home to foster home.  Aside from a brother, he never had a normal family growing up.  But, he made choices that helped him learn a trade, get a job, find a wife and start (and keep) a family.  He selected his path and didn’t want the same childhood for his children.

Another friend experimented with drugs in high school.  He developed behaviors that enabled him to make poor choices – including choosing to go AWOL from the Navy.  He ended his career with a dishonorable discharge.  It took him several years to recognize the shortfalls of his choices.  He eventually managed to overcome the blemish on his record and found a good job.  And is now an advocate for continuous education and goal setting.  He is someone you would want to watch your kids if you needed help.

I tell my coworkers that you always have choices.   Choose to be careful.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to be responsible.

While you are at it . . .



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