Huckabee Rally – Birch Run

Look for me at the Birch Run Rally on Friday. I should be easy to spot. I will be wearing a Mike Huckabee hat.

When I was younger, the parents of one of my friends were active in the Republican party. In fact, they supported GHW Bush in the primaries. They had several pictures with him (and were much more capable to contribute monetarily). History shows that he lost to the person I feel is one of the most important presidents since Lyndon Johnson – Ronald Regan.

While my dad was interested (and well informed) in politics, we were not active in any organization. I remember thinking my friends parents were unusual (if not odd) for being so pro-Bush. Nevertheless, I helped build and deliver Bush yard signs a few times. I had fun. I never imagined that I would become so interested in a candidate that I would support one so strongly.

Here we are, my oldest child not much younger than my early entry into politics, about to participate as a family in our first Presidential event. My wife is bringing Mrs. Huckabee’s Snicker-doodles, my kids will be wearing their I Like Mike shirts, I’ll be wearing my hat.

I’ll probably see you there!

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