Mike Huckabee and Michigan

Growing up in the south, home heating was never a concern.  Now I’m in Michigan and we may get 6″ of snow tomorrow night, I’m interested.

Personally, I supplement my furnace heat with firewood.  Which is much cheaper here than in Texas or Louisiana.  I have many coworkers that supplement with wood, corn and wood pellets.  LPG has gone to $2.70 – very expensive.

Besides hearing Mike talk about the poor Michigan economy, I would like to hear him start talking more about energy and energy independence.  Now that ethanol is taking off, my corn burning friends are complaining.  But, it is still cheaper than LPG.

Can you imagine a day that a farmer sets aside a portion of his crop for generating the energy necessary to run his farm?  Take a look here http://attra.ncat.org/energy.php 

I really believe that ethanol will go the way of the phony emu market.  Not enough energy return to make it viable.  But there are alternatives that look promising.  And, the government needs to encourage the research in part by funding and in part by reducing taxes for companies to perform the research.


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