I’m a converter

I spoke with a friend from Texas today.  The first thing he asked me was, “Is Mike going to win in Michigan?”  I said I think it will be a battle with McCain, but, he has a chance.

He switched his support from Ron Paul to Mike Huckabee after I dropped his name the last couple of times we talked.  He told me he did some research and really likes Mike.

We both lived in Ron Paul’s congressional district and we have both voted for him.  Ron Paul is a good person, a great spokesman for the constitution, and has been a good representative for his district.  I wish him well and that he continues to represent Texas.  We need people like him

But, we need people like Mike Huckabee as president.  He is a true uniter.  And he will not compromise his (my) values to advance an agenda.  My friend has hopped on the wagon.  There’s room for more!


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