Mike Huckabee and the Sanctity of Life

I glanced at this article. It reminds me about the importance of a culture of life not a culture of death.

Before I go on, if there is one thing that we can do to help others, it is to agree to be an organ donor upon death. If there is a second thing we can do, it is to donate blood regularly. Two selfless acts that can affect the lives of many (not just the receiver).

Organ harvesting is a slippery slope. According to the article, the British government would presume that individuals consent to donating organs upon death. In fact, you must remove yourself from the list if you do not consent.

Seemingly harmless so far. Read further, there will be efforts to encourage doctors to identify potential donors (Monty Python clip rings in my ear – “I’m not dead yet!”). Can you say, “Conflict of Interest.”One organization says that the government has not made sufficient efforts to encourage an increase in voluntary donation.

It is not hard to see a time when doctors decide if your grandfather is a to much of a drain on society OR your pregnancy is not viable.

It is scenarios like these that make it important that our elected officials recognize and protect the Sanctity of Life from conception to natural death. In one of Mike Huckabee’s commercials here in Michigan, he talks about the founding fathers message. In the Declaration of Independence, they talk about inalienable rights, endowed by our creator, the first of which is LIFE.

In the last presidential election, John Kerry ran on a platform that encouraged us to seek the approval of the European community. Who needs it, when their values are so different from ours.

Let us elect a president that Values LIFE, not takes it.


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