Why Mike and not Hillary

Read this.

When I was a little kid, I went to Kiddie College Kindergarten in Prattville, Alabama. My mom took my twin brother and me to school every morning. She picked us up in time for lunch everyday.

I still have my ‘diploma.’ If you look back, we learned very little – colors, letters, cooperation, etc. I can guarantee that before I started kindergarten, I knew my colors, letters, cooperation, etc. My mom taught me most of it (and I learned cooperationf from sharing my lightbright with my brother).

We were eased into all day school. We moved to Honolulu, Hawaii before we started first grade. She walked us to school every morning. She met us at school with the family dog to walk us home every afternoon.

My Archie Bunker is about to show. One parent in the family should be at home for their children. In my mind, Mom is best. Small (all) kids need the loving guidance from their mother and father.

We have chosen to educate our children at home. It is done at the pace our student is capable of. We have and take advantage of the flexibility to speed up or slow down. We select what is taught and maybe as important, what is not.

Karl Marx wrote that in order to fully implement socialism, the public had to be indoctrinated. That is done in school.

We, as a society, do not need more mandatory school. We do not need more government involvement in our life. We do not need Hillary to be president.

We do need a president that recognizes our education system is failing. We do need a president that supports parental choice – through vouchers, supporting home education, etc.

Support Mike Huckabee


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