Another ‘Not Tax’ Tax

THIS is why we need less government not more.  Let the consumer dictate what it wants to buy.

Personally, I’m for cleaner burning cars, cheaper gas, and world peace.

But, I am just under 6’3″.  I wear a size 12 boot.  I have old sports injuries.  I have 3 kids and 1 on the way.  AND I LIKE DRIVING MY SUBURBAN.

Don’t make my vehicle so prohibitively expensive, I can’t afford my lifestyle.  People who want/need increased efficiency won’t buy the suburban.

This is another artificial pressure that drives the cost of the automobile up.  Lawsuit abuse is another.

Here’s an example of how Free Market is supposed to work.

The government should define minimum safety standards (breaks, lights, seatbelts) and then butt out!


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