Healthy Eating

Okay. This is a blatant attempt to convince my wife that I’m not a total ignoramus (despite that fact that I still insist french fries are part of the food pyramid, if meat is not involved it is not a meal, and it is okay to serve rice and potatoes at the same time).

I found this website on healthy eating. My wife approaches ‘Militant’ on this issue.

She is my primary care giver – alright – she is the homemaker. She organizes the meals, does the shopping, takes care of the children.

I read a lot. But, not always in depth. I agree with the concept that when it comes to food, the closer to natural, the better. That’s the extent of my interest on the topic.

BUT, I do believe that the government should not prevent people from making choices.

In Michigan, it is illegal to sell Raw Milk (unpasturized, unprocessed). Store bought milk contains hormones, antibiotics, and other not-naturally occurring components. You should be able to chose what you want to drink.

Likewise, if you sell milk, you should be able to label your milk to show it doesn’t contain growth hormones.

Next up is the Cloned Meat issue. We all know that in-breeding causes recessive traits influence the health of the animal. Dolly, the cloned sheep, had to be euthanized at an early age because of health complications. Now, you could argue that this is a statistically normal occurrence. But, are you sure?

Regardless, I want to know what I buy. And, I want to be able to buy something I feel is healthier for me. And I want the government to keep out of my Frigidaire.

Spend some time on Food Democracy.


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