Mike Huckabee gave me $1

I sent it back with 100 more. Will you?

We’ve given a lot. But, we won’t be able to reach our maximum allowable contributions. If you can’t, there are other ways to help.

Here are some ways we are helping and you can too.

  1. This blog – write about Mike. And, write about other things that might draw people in. I’m amazed at some of the search engine terms that hit my site. I try for 1 article a day. Short is fine. You can be controversial. But, don’t be ugly. If you are funny, you will hook me.  It’s free if you start your own at www.wordpress.com.
  2. Tell your friends about Mike Huckabee. My wife e-mails her friends all the time. She secured at least 2 votes for Mike. And they secured some themselves. At work, I got at least 3 direct votes and I’m sure they pulled in some themselves. Also, I know one of my brothers was convinced. It makes a difference.
  3. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Arrgghhh. This one kills me. But, I did it. I was raised to believe the only thing that goes on cars is wax. Put it on the glass. You can scrape it off after the inauguration.
  4. Put a sign in your yard. Believe it or not, people ask.
  5. Volunteer at www.mikehuckabee.com. My wife just finished making about 100 phone calls to South Carolina voters. We have unlimited long distance. So, it only costs time – about 2 hours worth. She was hung up on and fussed at on some of the calls. BUT, she got one person to volunteer and confirmed and encouraged several people to support Mike Huckabee.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT – when it is your turn – GO VOTE FOR MIKE HUCKABEE!!!!

One Response to Mike Huckabee gave me $1

  1. winghunter says:

    As soon as I can figure out this list I found about the Huckster…Maybe you can help me with it;

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way ) http://tinyurl.com/2sowta

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