The Thompson v Huckabee debate

I’ve been in a fun sidebar debate with Winghunter over character and conservative. Winghunter doesn’t think that Huckabee is conservative and neither is McCain.

I happen to agree that there are some things that Huck has done that doesn’t follow the views of some conservatives. But instead of debating the negatives, I propose we debate the positives.

Here are some things that Huck has done:

  1. Governed a Democrat state as a republican for almost 12 years (elected twice)
  2. Carried out the death penalty
  3. Left the state with a $1Billion surplus
  4. Improved Education
  5. Improved the roads (I’ve driven through the state top to bottom 6 times in the last year – I can vouch).
  6. Has been pro-life his entire political career
  7. Accepted Thompson’s suggestion for a ‘Lincoln-Douglas’ style debate.  Thompson declined.

What Has Thompson Done?


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