Winghunter – Come Back

Here are examples of Mike Huckabee’s leadership.  He doesn’t attack other candidates.  He doesn’t distort the position of other candidates.

Winghunter labeled Huckabee as liberal.  But, when challenged instead to list what his candidate has accomplished, no response.

So, if you want to silence someone, ask them about their candidate.  Be prepared to list bullet points about Mike Huckabee.  Be polite.  They get quiet real quick.


2 Responses to Winghunter – Come Back

  1. Rob says:

    He popped up at our place and ran off at the mouth. trying to educate us on Mitt Romney after someone posted a video of the Correspondents dinner. He’s an Internet Tough guy.

  2. fortyfour says:

    Hi Rob. Thanks for stopping in. I posted this on Jan 22. Winghunter hasn’t been back.

    Looks like you are a Vet. Thanks for your service!


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