My Lunch Companion and Hillary

I had lunch with a 50+ year old African American woman today. She recently moved to South Carolina. Since my wife had made phone calls for Huckabee just prior to the election, I brought up the subject. Now, admittedly, she is in sales and knows how to handle sensitive subjects.

We talked about many candidates, democrat and republican. Here are some of the interesting things from our conversation.

  1. She was really interested in the demographics and how they predicted she would vote.
  2. Her son (18 years old) was enamored with Barak Obama. Not really a surprise. But, his interest in Obama has intrigued her.  She is convinced that the under 30 crowd would decide this election and she was having a little trouble with it.
  3. She initially said that she was put off by Edwards. She saw him introduced for a speech by the Mrs Edwards in 2004. She felt like he ‘shooed’ her off the stage. That offended her. But, now, she is warming back up to him.
  4. Most interesting to me . . . She is a offended by the assertion that Bill Clinton was the first Black President, that as an older black woman, she should be in the Clinton camp.  She also felt like it is contradictory that the press questions the morality of Giuliani, but not Bill Clinton.

I left not knowing who she supports (although I think she leans Obama).  She had some very complimentary things to say about Huckabee.  And, she recognizes flaws in all candidates.  A refreshing reminder that even though we differ somewhat politically and culturally, we have some common ground.


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