Something Duncan Hunter Said

In Hunter’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee, he mentioned, “China’s emergence as a military superpower that is taking large portions of America’s industrial base.”  I happen to think this is an important message.

During World War I and especially World War II, the United States manufacturing capability greatly contributed to saving the world from oppressive, murderous tyrants.  After WWII, we began exporting our expertise.  We’ve trained the world in Engineering, Computer Science, and business.

And now, the world uses it against us.  We have been sold that we need to encourage the free market economy.  That competition will drive prices lower.

THAT IS COMPLETELY TRUE AND WILL HELP US.  But, only if the free market is also a fair market.  When foreign governments subsidize manufacturing, it puts artificial pressure on American manufacturers.

We buy the low priced foreign goods.  The foreign government uses the money to buy more energy, raw materials, and build infrastructure to make it even easier for their businesses to defeat ours.

AT THE SAME TIME, our own government establishes trade agreements that do nothing about these supplements.  American manufacturing has evolved from serving the world, to serving our region.  ‘American’ companies are building plants in Asia and the Mid-East.  Often, these businesses are built in countries that haven’t supported us – Russia, China, Libya, et cetera.

So, what is wrong with a Republican politician recognizing that this is a problem?  What is wrong with recognizing that we are paying China to drive our standard of living down.  All the while, they are building an infrastructure that they can use to manufacture the wartime equipment that can be used to force us into subordination.

It is fortunate for America that we are still the most productive nation in the world.  But don’t rest, because China is gaining ground.

Remember – it’s not Free Trade we should be worried about.  It is FAIR TRADE.

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