Abortion, Catholic, and Voting

From Deacon Keith Fournier, “Catholic Social teaching maintains that there are some unchangeable truths, such as the dignity of every human person, and the right to life, from conception to natural death; the primacy of authentic marriage and the family founded upon it; and our obligation in solidarity to one another, and, most especially, to the poor and needy in our midst. ”

He goes further to say that these truths apply not just to Catholics, but, all people of Christian faith.  In fact, it applies to all people.  In the US, the lives of One Million People per year are ended.

It is our priviledge as citizens to vote.  It is our responsibility as humans, Christians, Catholics to research candidates and support ones most likely to protect life, family, and to help the poor.

I’ve done my research and Huckabee closely matches the requirements in Fournier’s statement.  My challenge to you is how can you support any candidate that doesn’t do those things.  Being for life, but not taking a real position against abortion is not good enough.


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