Hillary Clinton and the ‘Non-Black Female’ vote

I’m an engineer.  And, I’ve become hooked on the ‘numbers’ part of the elections.

Hillary’s base is the ‘Non-Black Female’ vote.  Obama did about as well as Hillary with the ‘Non-Black Male’ vote.

Hillary’s next strongest voter block is ’65 and over.’

Don’t listen to the spin.  It is true that Obama only got about 25% of the white vote.  But if you dig in, that data is skewed by the White Female turnout.  They were the second largest voter block turnout.  In this group, Clinton beat Obama by 22%.  If you look at White Male, Clinton and Obama were only 2% apart.

Minor interest in the fact that in his home state, Edwards only got 2% of the black vote.  He tied Clinton in the white vote.  How much longer does he have?


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