The things you find on Craig’s List

Much has been made about this Michigan woman on Craig’s list.  I recognize that I am barely keeping pace with the times.  I used to be the guy you went to if you needed computer advice.  I realize that was 2o years ago when my ‘Leading Edge’ was faster than the AT&T’s at school.  It had two 5 1/4 floppys and a DOS boot disk.

So, I thought I’d spend a little time on the internet to find out what this Craig’s List thing is all about.

Once I found the site, I homed in on Saginaw – close to where I’m living now.  AND, in Michigan where this lady got into trouble.  But where do you find something like that?

I assume she placed her add in the Personals.  But where to start?  Strictly Platonic?  There wasn’t a category for Woman seeking Hit Man.  There is Women seeking Women, but, I think that would limit her choices.  I’m sure it wasn’t Casual Encounters – surely you wouldn’t leave something like murder to chance.

I gave up and decided to look around.  I moved down the page to find DISCUSSION FORUMS.  Don’t ask why.  But, my eye was instinctively drawn to KINK.  I couldn’t make myself open the kink link.  What if my kids walked in, and my wife keeps looking over my shoulder.  And, it is in the name of research.  I just couldn’t do it.   There was Queer, Vegan, Dying (to morbid).  Ahhh Politcs.

Sounds right for me.  Oh my eyes.  To many cuss words – sounds like my Dad talking about Bush (yes, he tells me I was adopted).

Must push on in the name of social advancement. . . Oh, here’s one . . . the FOR SALE section.  Game/Toys – no way, not after the KINK trap.  Finally, one that is safe, Arts and Crafts.  Here’s something safe to look at . . .

A dish cloth for $3

Craig’s List . . . I think it’s highly overrated.


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