I’m committing a blogging faux pas. But, not entirely without shame. I’ve stolen a link from another blog. I apologize, but, I’ve lost the original page.

I’ve often written about abortion and our responsibility to elect officials that protect life. My Craig’s List adventure encouraged me to take a tour through wordpress to see what other kinds of blogs were out there. Among other Tags, I glanced at Feminism. One of the pages I hit discussed abortion and Choice. A key point in the post was the money associated with abortion.

I have written about US abortions reaching 1MM per year. If you assume that an abortion costs $1000 (not out of line in my imagination), Abortion is a ONE BILLION DOLLAR industry. And that my friends is some serious cash and power.

Here’s the promised link. It is about Abortion and its risks. I haven’t clicked every link. But, the ones I have clicked give important messages.


One Response to Abortion – the ONE BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY

  1. […] First, the Guttmacher report . . . Guttmacher is the research arm for Planned Parenthood – the Billion $ industry.  So accepting their data, blindly, is kind of like using the seller’s lawyer when you are […]

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