Get Back to work for Mike

McCain is pulling ahead with 76% of the vote in Florida in.

But, it is time to go back to work for Mike.  Mike is still in the game.  But, the field narrows as it’s looking like Rudy may drop out tomorrow.

Mike’s strategy is to gather a handful of states on Super Tuesday.  He is tied or in the lead in several states and has an opportunity to get more support during the next debate.

Romney is still trying to buy the election.  Yet, the voters continue to turn to alternate choices.  The Republican establishment continues to push Romney, the talk radio guys/gals continue to tear down McCain and Huckabee.  But, Romney still doesn’t win.   It is a very real possibility that Huckabee could see another surge as a response to McCain’s win.
There are still 3 things to do to help Mike get elected.

1. Send Mike Money

2. Tell a friend – we still have a lot of friends in Texas and have been pumping them up.

3. Make Phone Calls for Mike.  Sign up to be a Ranger.  My wife made 26 more calls today.  All Mike asks for is 5.


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