McCain & Crist Ticket?

We are clinging to hope for Mike Huckabee.  It looks like our best bet is a brokered convention now.  Unfortunately, Huck doesn’t get much support from the Republican party.

I think McCain will start pulling Right in order to get the base republicans.  BUT, in order to win the general election, I’ve often thought he will need the Evangelical vote.  If he agrees, Mike Huckabee is on the ticket.

However, tonight, McCain owes Charlie Crist some big love for possibly swinging the election.  A lot of people (I like GW, but include myself in this group) think that the wrong Bush was elected President.   Jeb Bush was a great governor and is  still a popular in Florida.  But, Charlie Crist is even more popular.

The last two general elections have shown that Florida is a key state.  McCain may need that vote more than the support that Mike brings.

The race is on.


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