Obama and the Debate

I just got home from work – 14 hours today.  I made it in time to hear Obama tell me he is going to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire – but only for the wealthiest Americans.  I’m guessing that means me – I broke 6 figures for the first time in my career.

I’m fortunate for what I have – an 8 year old work car, a used Suburban for my growing family, a modest house (below the median price for my community).  And, we have worked hard to get here.  I can’t count the unpaid overtime I’ve put in, the family gatherings I’ve missed for work, the birthday parties, the football games.

I want to elect THE president that will allow me to chose the taxes I pay.  That will be done by electing MIKE HUCKABEE and supporting the FairTax.  It is the only tax plan that encourages productivity.  Higher taxes will force me to save more money not spend.  And, I’m pretty sure that not spending hurts the economy.


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