A response to one of the comments.

I have often written here that there is No Perfect Candidate.  And, Mike is not perfect.  But, he is faithful.

Someone that reads my posts has doubts about Mike.  And, he is perfectly entitled to have them and to select another candidate.  That said, everyone is responsible to research candidates before voting.  It took me a few minutes to research this readers comments.  Here’s a quick reply.

First: Computer files.  Evidently, recommendations from the states IT department.  Read this article.  Debatable whether it is suspicious.  Bill Clinton did similar thing upon leaving the Governor’s office.

Second:  The wedding gift incident.  Mike Huckabee is not a wealthy man like Romney.  When he left office, some friends wanted to give a house warming.  I’ve heard Huckabee speak on this issue.  I believe he said he was registered at Target (or similar chain I cannot remember specifically).  He also said that House Warming was not an option to chose from – either Wedding shower or Baby Shower.

Third:  Boyscout incident.  Read some accounts of the incident here.  Decide for yourself.   No one can control the actions of their children.  If you do a little research, you’ll find that Mitt Romney was arrested two times.

NOW BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR ROMNEY, take another look at this website.  After reading it, ask yourself if Mitt is true to his word.  This, from an organization that has endorsed him in the past.  Do a little more research for when he said he converted to Pro-Life and you will find discrepancies in his voting record.  In fact, the health plan he approved provided funding for elective abortion (not that any abortion is mandatory).  You should vote your conscience.

I already did and I have no regrets.


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