Voting Trend Observations

The Republican party seems to be headed toward nominating the Moderate candidate, John McCain. While I think he is more electable than Hillary, if Obama is the Democratic nominee, the Republicans could be in trouble.

Despite the pundits play that the ‘youth’ doesn’t vote, the data shows otherwise. They are the fastest growing voting population. When you focus on issues, there is no doubt that all of the 3 Republican candidates are more qualified than either of Democratic candidates. But, when you draw only on MTV passion, votes will swing left.

As close as the last two presidential elections have been, the Republicans cannot afford to ignore any voting block.

The candidate that Inspires is MIKE HUCKABEE. Don’t give in. Support Mike.

Table 1: Voter Turnout Among Citizens
November 2000 and 2004
Age Group 2000 2004 %Difference
18-24 36% 47% +11 % points
25-34 51% 56% +5 % points
35-44 60% 64% +4 % points
45-54 66% 69% +3 % points
55-64 70% 73% +3 % points
65-74 72% 73% +1 % points
75+ 67% 69% +2 % points
All Ages 60% 64% +4 % points
Source: Authors’ Tabulations from the CPS Nov. Voting and Registration Supplements, 1972-2004


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