OneMom and the inverted pyramid

I was reading an article on OneMom.  She talks about being accused of being a ‘one-issue’ voter.  I sometimes wonder the same thing about myself.  But like OneMom.  Life Issues are not the only issue for me.  But, the are foundational issues.

When I was finishing college, I interviewed at a small fertilizer plant in Louisiana.  I had a long discussion with the Plant Manager.  I did not go to work there.  But, one thing we discussed stuck with me.  It was the concept of the inverted pyramid.  He used it to describe his organizational structure.  The typical structure is the pyramid with the boss at the top.  But, his view was that he was at the bottom.  Imagine the pyramid with the point facing down.  The whole organization balanced on the point.  If he failed in his job, all others would fail with him.

I have often used that concept.  And I think it applies to selecting a presidential candidate.  For me, a candidate that gets this ‘one-issue’ wrong has a decision making process that is flawed.  Every decision he makes as president affects human life in some way.  Going to war, raising taxes, supporting federal funding for research can all impact life.  I want to know that the President is going to consider life in every decision he makes.

I have voted for candidates that are pro-abortion.  But, before I did, I tried to find a qualified candidate that also supported life.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to vote for a Pro-Life life candidate that has a fatal flaw, like David Duke.  Given that choice, most of us would have voted (and did) for Edwin Edwards, the former governor of Louisiana that is still in federal prison.

So, is Life my ‘one-issue’?  No.  But, it is the foundation of my Inverted Pyramid.  And, the reason I can support Mike Huckabee for President.


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