Voting against someone versus Voting for someone

I’ve received several comments recently that suggest that we are giving support to John McCain if we vote for Huckabee.   The latest is in my last post about Underdog Wins.

Here is the gist of my reply . . .  In Louisiana, we were offered two candidates in the Governor’s election.  One was an ex-governor that ran corrupt administrations.  He had been indicted, raised taxes, overspent the budget, set-up his cronies with special deals.  Plenty of reasons to Vote Against Him.

But, his opponent was the Grand Wizard of the KuKluxKlan – David Duke.  Not Much of an Endorsement is it.

I don’t mind disagreement.  But, please don’t bother to comment unless you can tell me what your candidate has done to earn my vote.

From now on, one ground rule – don’t tear down my candidate without having a concrete statement about what your candidate has done – not qualities – but accomplishments.  Here’s an example of what I would find acceptable.

Mike Huckabee has been consistent on his Life Position.  He has balanced a budget, left office with a surplus, worked with     a Democrat legislature, improved roads, and improved schools.

Besides raise the tax burden on the citizens of Mass from 30% to 34% what has Mitt Romney done?  Besides leave his           state with a deficit, I mean.  Oh yeah and besides set up an insurance program that is broke and funds elective abortion.      Oh yeah, besides supporting the homosexual agenda consistently.



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