I’m starting to agree with Ann Coulter

Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Oh that would be Sharia law (see post below).

Anyway, why does Laura Ingram get to decide what conservatives do with their vote?   I have participated in several polls.  I consistently identify myself as ‘Very Conservative.’

The problem for Laura and Rush and Glenn Beck is I’ve done my own research as have many others.  Mitt Romney is not the conservative candidate.  He never was.

Some leopards CAN change their spots.   But, Norma McCorvey lives it now.  For Romney, it was a matter of convenience.

Mike Huckabee balanced the budget.  Mike Huckabee improved schools.  Mike Huckabee improved the roads.  Mike Huckabee owns a gun.  Mike Huckabee supports life.  Mike Huckabee tells the truth about taxes.


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