Interesting data from the 2004 Election

Republican Base

If you look at income, Republicans do best with voters that have income greater than $50000/year.

There are at least two things this means.  First, Republicans need to raise the income of all Americans.  This can be done by creating an environment that encourages businesses to invest in America.  We need trade and tax policies that favor the United States.  The future president needs to represent the citizens of the US, not the UN.

Second, Republicans will not benefit by having open borders and amnesty.  Despite GWB gathering 40+% of the hispanic vote, the democrats still got the lion’s share.  Having open borders also means higher medical cost, school cost, etc.  Of course this means our taxes go to supporting illegals.  And it means we have less expendable cash to spend in the retail market.  Spending in the retail market encourages job growth.

GET IT?  We need to unite around the candidate that understands that we need to pay LESS TAXES, NOT MORE.  We need to unite behind the candidate that wants to CLOSE THE BORDER, NOT OPEN THEM.

In case I haven’t made it clear . . . 


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