Governor Perry’s Lack of Judgement

Rick Perry was the heir apparent when GW Bush was first elected president.  I voted for him.  He was functional at best.  I can think of nothing spectacular that he accomplished.

Recently, he has jumped on the McCain bandwagon.  No problem from me.  Until now.  It’s being reported that he has called Huckabee to ask him to step down.  But I already questioned his judgement.

We know he’s willing to abandon Republican principles.

From the Dallas Morning News . . . “Guns, gays and abortion notwithstanding, Gov. Rick Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday and signed on as a national co-chairman of the former New York mayor’s presidential campaign.”

It’s not as though Huckabee has been mathematically eliminate.  It’s not as though Huckabee is ripping McCain on his faults – stem cell, McCain-Feingold, Bush Tax Cuts, the border . . . No.  Huckabee continues to politic by telling of his accomplishments and his plans.

So, Governor Perry, why don’t you go back to work on making improvements in Texas and leave it to the Pundits to tell us who to vote for.  Not that they’ve got it right either.


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