If you are voting today and are undecided

Maybe foolishly, I believe that I think like most other Americans.  That if stated out loud, most other Americans would believe in the things that I believe.

I believe:

1. That abortion is wrong.  The solution to abortion is making responsible choices.  A great man once said it’s no coincidence that Life is first in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

2.  That our tax policy is unfair to all workers.  That our government has established tax laws that discourage investment in the United States.

3.  That if we enforce the laws of immigration, we will not have the out-of-control surge of illegals crossing the border.  That to gain control of our future, we must gain control of our borders.

4.  That family is important.  That best families are ones where both parents are in the home, married, and committed to teaching their children.  That when possible, it is best if one parent can be devoted to raising the children and keeping the home.  That takes good jobs being available (see item 2).

5.  That we need to become energy independent.  We need to look for legitimate sources of energy for public consumption.  That includes building more nuclear reactors, investing in research, encouraging investment in technology.

6.  That our politicians should be more concerned with the welfare of America than the interests of the UN.

7.  That appointing Judges that protect the constitution may be the most important thing the President does.

My guess is you believe in the things I’ve said.  You may say it a little differently.  But, you would say it.

So, if you are still undecided . . . AND . . . you believe in these things . . . take a look at MIKE HUCKABEE


2 Responses to If you are voting today and are undecided

  1. Chris H. says:

    Very nice post. Now that there is a two person race, it’s a simple choice between a solid conservative in Huckabee or a moderate, oft-liberal leaning McCain. I don’t see why this is a hard choice for any conservative Republican … choose Huckabee!

  2. fortyfour says:

    Thanks for dropping in Chris. You put two comments – I don’t know what happened to the other – I didn’t mean to kill it. But, we are in Midland – about 15 months now. Will have our first native Michigander in June.

    I agree – the responsible choice is Huckabee.

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