Mike Huckabee – Man of the People

UPDATE: It’s Saturday morning now. There’s still time to influence the outcome of today. The Kansas caucus opens at 10AM. Make some calls. Get the supporters out there early. Louisiana Primary – call your friends and relatives. Washington is another one. Call Call Call.

One last thing. As of 8AM, Mike is short about $425,000 of his fund raising goal. If you donate, use my wife’s Ranger code. R8106 or find someone else. There’s still time to get Mike elected president.

It’s a big day tomorrow.

My wife worked hard for Mike. 80 calls today. Telling friends, e-mails, going to Meet-ups. Standing in the snow on Titabawase in Saginaw waving a Huckabee sign. She did get a Hug-from-Huck. Now what she wants is some wins tomorrow.

Regardless of the outcome, what Mike Huckabee has done is amazing. His success with so little will be discussed during many election cycles to come. His accomplishment is made on the backs of faithful volunteers that continue to do yeoman’s duty. The volunteers continue despite being ignored by the media, the pundits, the Republican establishment. They do it because electing Huckabee is important for the country.

No matter what happens in the next days, we have made a difference.


3 Responses to Mike Huckabee – Man of the People

  1. jh says:

    I agree. We have made a difference

  2. fortyfour says:

    Thanks to Opinionated Catholic for stopping by.

  3. americalives says:

    i agree Huckabee has greatly added to the debate and i just wrote an article addressing why huck should stay in the race because its helping


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