How Louisiana Delegates are Awarded

In Louisiana, the Republican Party will ‘pledge’ delegates only if a candidate gets 50%+1 vote (a majority).  If no majority exists, the delegates go as uncommitted.

Now, you won’t find this on the Louisiana Rep.Party website.

Also, this is much like general elections in Louisiana.  When statewide elections occur – like for governor – all candidates run in a primary.  There are multiple Democrats running with multiple Republicans.  It would not be unusual to see two democrats end up in the run-off.  In the most recent governor’s election, Governor Jindal won a majority and did not face a runoff.

The data doesn’t look like Huck will break 50%+1 vote.  So, these delegates may not go into Mike’s bucket.  BUT, Louisiana republicans tend to be conservative and abortion is a major issue.  So, we might not be able to count them in.  But, don’t count them out yet.


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