Why Should Washington State Be Any Different?

I think I read about it first on OneMom. Brings to mind the saying if I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying. But, why expect any different from the Washington Caucus? The media and the National GOP has anointed McCain. Why bother even holding the elections?

Hannity continues to introduce Mike Huckabee as “the former minister” instead of Governor. I’m sick of hearing about Karl Rove’s math skills – especially when they don’t tell us that he’s supporting McCain (update – thanks to Amy for pointing out my error – I meant to say that McCain is a contributor and advisor to McCain).

An now, the Washington Republican party wants to avoid a clean sweep and embarrassment of McCain by not actually counting the votes. Why bother counting any votes. Just declare McCain the winner.

You know, I can remember being stunned while watching people hold punch cards up to bright lights to help them determine the “Intent” of the voter. Was it dimpled? Was it hanging? I can’t stand Chad anymore.

Somebody call Karl Rove. Maybe he can explain the math to me. Government is supposed to be transparent.

6235 of 7150 Precincts Reporting – 87%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
McCain, John GOP 3,468 26%  
  Huckabee, Mike GOP 3,226 24%  
  Paul, Ron GOP 2,799 21%  
  Romney, Mitt GOP 2,253 17%  
  Uncommitted GOP 1,729 13%  

3 Responses to Why Should Washington State Be Any Different?

  1. amy says:

    Karl Rove is payed by FOX NEWS. Actually, I think Hannity referring to Huckabee as “the former minister” helps Huckabee with his base.
    But I’m an Obama supporter, so what do I know!

  2. fortyfour says:

    Thanks for stopping in Amy. Thanks for calling me out on my error. Yes, he’s working for Fox. But, also, advising McCain and is now a campaign contributor – $2300.

    Regarding ‘the former minister’, religion seems to be taboo except for Huckabee. The fact is, he is an accomplished politician, with more executive experience than any of the remaining candidates. The comment, in my opinion, is intended to diminish the Governor’s accomplishments.

  3. onemom says:

    Rove was on one of the sunday talk shows earlier and he held up a small dry erase board that he had written some numbers on (brought back memories of Ross Perot and his posterboard charts). Anyway, his numbers showed polls where McCain was holding his own against both Clinton and Obama. What he FAILED to mention (purely an oversight on his part, I’m sure …. not), is that when Rasmussen does those polls, they are not given other options … either pick Clinton or McCain, or pick Obama or McCain. Rove was spinning so fast I nearly became ill from dizziness.

    The Washington State thing is really bugging me. Thanks for your post.

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