These Decisions should be left to Parents

My guess is Ron Paul will side with me on this . . . Parents should be left the decision on whether their children should get the HPV shot.  This is a relatively new vaccine that I don’t want to give my children.  And for Rick Perry to assert that his decision is a Pro-Life decision is asinine.

We already know that Rick Perry casts aside that issue – he supported Giuliani.  You can’t have it both ways.  Either, Pro-Life is important to you or it isn’t.  When will politicians AND voters recognize that?

Back to HPV and letting family make important decisions.  Let’s allow more data be collected before we mandate all girls get the vaccine.  I’m not taking the time to investigate whether or not Perry has taken donations from the pharma companies.  But, I sure wouldn’t bet against it.

Rick Perry is about to term limit out.  If McCain closes this thing out, he better think twice about picking up this moron to round out his ticket.


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