Politicians need not abandon religion – Or – An Argument for Abortion

I followed a link to link to a link . . . from an article on OneMom. I wound up at USA today on an opinion piece by Barack Obama.

That brought me to this article by Michael Medved and a link to this article.

Obama opines that anti-abortion arguments are religious based and should be separate from government. Medved argues that we should recognize the shades of gray on abortion. He does, at the end of his article, profess to be staunchly pro-life. The key to his article is that we (pro-life/anti-abortion) should recognize that some of our candidates may have some gray on this issue.

Personally, I am tired of people telling me that I should not legislate my religious beliefs or that I should be willing to bend on this issue. I don’t find that being pro-life has to be a religious position. I am an analytical person. It is impossible for me to imagine how anyone can dismiss LIFE after seeing a baby’s heart beat and hands and feet during an ultrasound.

Survivability of premature babies born between 22 and 25 weeks has improved from 31% in 1981 to 71% in 2000. Restated, if a baby makes it to a little over 1 lb, they have a 71% chance of survivability. Twenty-seven years ago, survivability was much less. Twenty-seven years from now, survivability will be even greater than it is today – maybe instead of surviving at 22 weeks, it will be 10 weeks.
So, when does life begin? For me, it is clearly at conception. Our constitution protects life. Pro-life doesn’t have to be based on religion. But, you know what? It doesn’t matter. This is America and a democracy. Our constitution allows for amendments. And, as Americans, we are allowed to push for laws that continue to protect life, vote for politicians that defend life, and speak loudly to advance the rights of the unborn.

As Americans, it is OK to vote based on principals. As Americans, it is OK to support politicians the reflect our religious convictions. As Americans it is OK to support the culture of life. And in America, it is OK if politicians do not abandon religion.

I don’t support Mike Huckabee because he is a baptist minister.

I support Mike Huckabee because:

  1. He is a governor that balanced a budget
  2. He is a governor that left his state with a surplus
  3. As a governor, he improved roads and schools
  4. he has pledged to defend the border
  5. he is a proponent of the 2nd amendment
  6. he defends marriage
  7. he will defend the right to life

And I will continue to demand that the Republican Party continues to support the National Human Life amendment.


2 Responses to Politicians need not abandon religion – Or – An Argument for Abortion

  1. onemom says:

    Well said, and very true. Thank you.

  2. Brian Snow says:

    Hi. Brian Snow here. I’m the one who got his Obama info posted on OneMom’s blog. I used to blog, but when we got the Huckabee Meetup groups started in October, I let my blog fall by the way side so I could focus on coordinating Meetups in N. California. Anyway, a whole bunch of pro-lifers including Medved can’t seem to stand on their own two feet in defense of the unborn because they feel that their position is only faith-based and therefore has little intellectual merit. Well, the pro-life position has strong intellectual merit, if people would just apply their brains. Because you know this, I thought you might enjoy the letter that I wrote to Rudy last year, telling him why I will not vote for him. The letter is a treatment of the abortion issue. Incidentally, I faxed the letter to Little Rock to this Huckabee guy back in June, and he actually wrote me back, thanking me for my letter to his opponent! Here it is:


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