Abortion: In their own words

From the Guttmacher Website:

Most Important Reasons for Terminating an Unwanted Pregnancy

  1. Concern for/responsibility to other individuals
  2. cannot afford baby now
  3. a baby would interfere with school/employment/ability to care for dependents
  4. would be a single parent/having relationship problems
  5. has completed childbearing

Should I editorialize?  I think I will.   I can’t resist.  From the top . . .

Terminating = Abortion    That may seem obvious.  But, people like to ‘redefine’ themselves to make them seem more pleasant.  Here’s some more examples.  Terrorist = insurgent.  Liberal = progressive.  Pro-Abortion = pro-choice.  See?  Don’t accept the new terms.

You want to be pro-choice?  Choose to accept responsibility for your actions.  That brings me to the bullets.

  1. How about concern for/responsibility for the life you helped create.
  2. How about – Get a job.  It’s what responsible people do.
  3. Of course, going on a date can get in the way of school/employment.
  4. Single parent?  There’s lots of them.  I’m pretty sure most people don’t abort their children during divorce court.
  5. has completed childbearing – evidently not.

I am very sure this would be a very difficult situation.  I’m sure that a young girl would be confused and scared.  And I don’t think for a moment that she should be alone – it takes two.  We cannot as a community afford to continue to allow people to escape the consequences of their actions.  Especially when the cost is a life.

There is a candidate that has always supported life.  I stand with Mike Huckabee and he needs our help.


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