The Importance of Constitutional Law and Constructionist Judges

March 4, 2008

Read this article about homeschooling in California. You will no longer have the choice to decide what your children are taught or who will teach them. Continue to elect liberal politicians who appoint liberal judges. And you will be living under a new Hitler.

Many people are unaware that Socialism begins in the school. This article makes the connection.

Another article on this story. Home School Legal Defense


Two More Converts in Texas

March 4, 2008

I managed two more converts in Texas.  He never really said who he was supporting, but, a friend of mine in Texas ended up voting for Huckabee.  He got his wife to vote Huck too.  I think he leaned Tancredo.  Know what?  I leaned Tancredo too.  And I leaned Hunter.  And I leaned Brownback.  I told him that.  And I also reminded him that all of them dropped out.  And I told him that Huckabee supports all of the strongest positions of all of those candidates.

Tancredo wanted to shut the border – and so does Mike.

Hunter was strong on the war on terror – and so is Mike.

Brownback is for the Life Amendment – and so is Mike.

If you are voting today, and your candidate is no longer running, please consider Mike Huckabee.