Two More Converts in Texas

I managed two more converts in Texas.  He never really said who he was supporting, but, a friend of mine in Texas ended up voting for Huckabee.  He got his wife to vote Huck too.  I think he leaned Tancredo.  Know what?  I leaned Tancredo too.  And I leaned Hunter.  And I leaned Brownback.  I told him that.  And I also reminded him that all of them dropped out.  And I told him that Huckabee supports all of the strongest positions of all of those candidates.

Tancredo wanted to shut the border – and so does Mike.

Hunter was strong on the war on terror – and so is Mike.

Brownback is for the Life Amendment – and so is Mike.

If you are voting today, and your candidate is no longer running, please consider Mike Huckabee.


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