You have a choice to make. I want to be positive.

March 5, 2008

What a year. My family has been supporting Mike Huckabee for over a year. Apart from buying a Bush/Cheney hat and coffee mug, I haven’t been part of an election in a long time. Here are some of the positive things from this past year.

  1. Mike Huckabee showed that you can run a presidential campaign without being bitter and divisive.
  2. You can run a campaign without $100MM dollars
  3. Grass Roots efforts do make a difference

Some of the things I personally learned

  1. I know a lot more about the primary process in many states
  2. Not all state primaries represent the will of the people (Louisiana, Washington)
  3. I know some of the local Republican party leaders.

Some things my family has done

  1. Gone to a state party convention
  2. Hugged a presidential candidate and his wife
  3. Waved signs on the street corner for Mike Huckabee
  4. Started a blog
  5. Researched and supported a candidate that represents our values

Here are some of the people I’ve been reading – sometimes on a daily basis

  1. OneMom
  2. Kevin Tracy
  3. The Hillings Family
  4. Grand Rapids for Huck
  5. The Opinionated Catholic
  6. Of Course Mike Huckabee

I really enjoyed your posts. They were always respectful, often thought provoking, and sometimes funny. Thanks.
I’m proud of the way that Mike Huckabee ran his campaign. And despite losing, he won and I won. He had a chance to go negative. But, he kept his honor. And I think I learned a little more about honor.

I’m especially proud of the work that my wife put in to help Mike Huckabee – making phone calls, donating money, and time. She carted kids around to see Mike at rally’s, sent notes to her friends, and talked to anyone who would listen.

So, to her, and to all of the other moms, kids, husbands, friends that worked hard to help Mike get as far as he did, THANK YOU.

I would like to thank everyone that viewed this blog. It was great fun for me. I hope you enjoyed some of it.

Good luck and I’ll see you at the polls in November.


Huckabee pulling out

March 5, 2008

Fox is reporting that Huckabee is pulling out tonight.

Texas Exit Polls

March 5, 2008

The exit polls are in.

    Huckabee McCain
Male 52 37 49
Female 48 37 48
    37% 49%

Speculation on Texas Election Results 8:15 PM Eastern

March 5, 2008

Earlier, Fox News reported that 40% of Texas voters consider themselves Very Conservative. Huck won those votes 56 to 32. This is very close to what happened in the Louisiana primary.

If Huckabee gets the same percentage of the ‘NOT’ very conservatives here’s the projection in Texas. . .

    Huckabee McCain
Very Conservatives 40% 56% 32%
Everyone Else 60% 32% 68%
    41% 54%

Ohio Dem Results

March 5, 2008

Using the MSNBC numbers

    Clinton Obama
Male 41 47 52
Female 59 54 45
    51% 48%

Ohio Results – Ron Paul Wins – Not.

March 5, 2008
    Huckabee McCain Paul
Male 54 31 57 9
Female 46 35 60 3
Total   33% 58% 6%